Soul Mates

How To Find Your Soul Mate

When searching for love, we ALL want to find our Soul Mate. You have been probably struggling trying to figure out if your now EX was / is still, your Soul Mate. Believe me, I have PAINFULLY been there! It’s so confusing when you love someone, but you are no longer together. You wonder if you should just…hang on anyway, just in case they truly are your Soul Mate.

This is an age-old, and very complex spiritual and emotional matter. But in some ways it is more simple than we realize. If you want to be with your ex, because you are afraid of being lonely….this is not your Soul Mate. Are you waiting for the PERFECT PERSON? Well, that can be sticky to. What is PERFECT? Someone who 100% accepts as exactly the way we are, even things we clearly need to work on, and everything is just perfect, perfect? Well, we will eventually realize they aren’t perfect, and they will realize we aren’t perfect either. This could just be a set up for a big disappointment.

Here are some STEPS to finding your Soul Mate.

1. FIRST, ask yourself – what do you TRULY want and need in a LIFE PARTNER? Be honest with yourself. Go deep inside of what would make your heart smile, in another partner.

2. SECOND, and this is intense – but after you come up with your answers, ask yourself if there are any of these attributes you can CREATE OR GIVE TO YOURSELF. If you want someone Rich – make YOURSELF Rich. If you want someone who has a deep connection to their intuition, develop that in YOURSELF. If you want someone very athletic, make sure you are working out like crazy. If you want someone positive, make sure YOU are being positive to those around you. The list goes on and on. If you have a great Void in your life, YOU will have to fill that space first, and not expect your “Soul Mate” to do this. Then and only then you actually will have a chance to FIND your True Soul Mate. You will find him vibrating at the same positive vibration you have gotten yourself to. You will probably be attracted to the wrong mate in the first place, if you have all these Voids and empty spots within yourself. Here is something interesting I read once – if you choose a young gorgeous partner, because you are struggling with your age and your looks, stop right there. Do whatever you can to feel young and be the best you can be, and work on your self esteem. Fix this first, so you are not unconsciously swayed by the attraction of someone, that you wish you could be. Your “Soul Mate” will actually be unconscious parts of yourself, longing to be recognized and developed. That is why some people actually commit suicide when they lose their “Soul Mate” because they literally feel like they are losing part of themselves. But it was the intense hidden attachments and projections they put on their “Soul Mate”.

Never completely DEPEND on another person, to fill those voids and needs you have deep inside of you. You have to develop yourself, your spirituality, your LIFE.

If you take care of these Voids and Needs FIRST, and continue to attend to these needs inside of you, you will be better able to recognize your TRUE SOUL MATE.

If you REALLY know yourself – aware of your strengths, as well as keenly aware of your VOID spots & weaknesses, you will be able to recognize and choose a partner who is ALSO very aware of themselves. Our True Soul Mate will be a person that will walk alongside of us on our path, and they will be able to love us -both our strengths, and be able to handle our weaknesses, not run away. We need to do the same for them. This all comes with SELF AWARENESS and the willingness to be HONEST. As a close friend recently told me, the BEST APHRODISIAC is COMPLETE HONESTY and Respect for that vulnerability.

Was your EX completely honest, and willing to stand by your side? Or did they SPLIT? Like in my case. I have come to the realization, that he did not know himself enough to ever have a chance in staying. He didnt know the hidden parts – his weaknesses – that always needed to LEAVE.

Or were YOU not willing to be vulnerable and honest? There may be work you need to do first, to attract your TRUE Soul Mate, otherwise you might have been searching for something in your EX, that you needed to DEVELOP in YOURSELF first.

What your TRUE SOUL MATE WILL DO : They will find out AS MUCH as they can about your INNER SELF – what makes you tick, what makes you afraid, what makes you soar, what makes you weak, and still want you anyway. And you need to be the same for that person. Has to be mutual – or the relationship is not meant to be. {At least not at this time.} We all have our PUBLIC face, but your Soul Mate will want to be with and live with the REAL YOU, with all your imperfections, because you are BOTH trying to help each other BECOME more evolved and happier – learning how to FILL your own empty spaces, and not project that expectation onto each other. You both need to feel free to express anything, and know you wont be judged or criticized for the vulnerable exposure.

In a Nut Shell – your TRUE SOUL MATE will want to understand the REAL YOU, and they WONT SPLIT just because times are confusing. Your TRUE SOUL MATE will try to work it out, in the efforts of having an even deeper relationship with you. And you will have to feel the same way about them.

WARNING – THIS WORLD IS FULL OF RUNNERS. Running from relationships, and mostly Running from one’s own Self.

Be Rare – Be Self Aware……