I am not a doctor or therapist or claiming to be anyone, other than someone that got painfully dumped. I am just writing my rambling thoughts & talking about my own pain. If something helps you, great. If other things don’t help, please disregard. If you are feeling terrible, please call a friend. If you are consistently feeling terrible, please get a therapist that can help you.If you are extremely stressed, depressed and suicidal because of your break up, PLEASE CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY. I have actually known of people that have killed themselves over a breakup. I wanted to jump off my balcony, because of one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know these feelings will pass, and GET HELP TO HELP YOU THROUGH THIS TIME. NO DUDE, A**HOLE IS WORTH YOUR PRECIOUS PRECIOUS LIFE BABE!!!!!!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline / Hotline  #1-800-273-8255