Thought For The Day – A Deeper Love

I heard something like this once…….“If your love does not work with the person that broke your heart, it just means that someone else loves you so much more.” 

There is a very strong possibility that you will love again! Don’t settle – wait for THAT LOVE again. The love you feel so very deeply. But this time, it will be with someone who loves you so much more than the guy you are currently trying to banish from your mind. It will be Mutual! Someone that has the CAPABILITY to love you and stick it out. Someone that WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. Don’t cry toooo long over someone that didn’t fight for you. Because YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR. The fact that you are even reading a website about “How to get over your Ex” means your heart is broken. Meaning you had a Heart to Break in the first place. It hurts, but it’s a beautiful thing that you have the capability to love and feel from the depth of your being. Please don’t give up. You need to heal. Give yourself the time, space and patience to do so. And know deep within your heart, that you will meet a Deeper Love. As cliche as it sounds, it starts with loving YOURSELF.