SEX With Your EX


Of course, this is only MY opinion. Nevertheless…

For the love of god and all that is holy DON’T DO IT!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should I say NO one more time? 😉

If you feel very passionate right now and dying to be with your Ex right now, and he is trying to hook up with you……FIND SOMETHING TO DISTRACT YOURSELF. This is an EMERGENCY MOMENT!!!!! S.O.S.!

Claim your PRIDE —>He doesn’t get to go INSIDE. Not anymore. His TOTAL loss. Boo Hoo for him.

Please don’t do it. Be strong Sister.

The MAIN REASON I am advising you NOT to screw your Ex, is because, most likely, he screwed you over royally. But here is the other reason. I want you to protect your heart. I need to remind you of the easily forgotten fact regarding brain chemistry and emotions and sex. Chemically, psychologically, emotionally, physically speaking —>amazing sex (which you probably will have because you know each other’s bodies very well, and had a prior strong connection) will undoubtedly ANCHOR you to him. Is that REALLY what you want? What if he leaves again, yet again? Or is indifferent? You will be in pain, and feel like a HO (even though you are NOT one). And he got to have his cake & eat it too, double frosting and all. Now YOU’RE stuck with the bill, the stomach ache, the puke emotions, and the post sugar blues. Not him. And that is NOT cool. But once again, he won’t care. At least not the way YOU do.

How am I an expert on this? Been there, done that. It makes your heart bleed again. Trust me.

Plus, you are worth SO MUCH MORE. Sex with your Ex will probably just end up being a “secret”. Oh yay. Well…..You are not a secret. You should be proclaimed to the world, by an amazing man, that he is in love with you. You don’t need this sh*t.

So my main advice is to DISTRACT YOURSELF, possibly try dating again if you are ready (just chill, you don’t have to marry anyone), develop YOUR FUTURE-things that interest YOU that have nothing to do with him. Just DONT Call luke warm wishy washy selfish little manboy for a booty call! Cuz that is ALL it is. 🙁 BELIEVE ME!!!!! Im the Road Warrior on this one. I could write a book. Maybe one day I will. And who knows what other taytay he could have been in since you have broken up? Could you imagine getting an STD from your loser Ex? NOT WORTH IT BABE.