I started this website because of the worst heartache I have ever felt from a demise of a relationship. All I freekin wanted was PEACE of mind, PIECES of myself back that I think I lost through the pain inflicted by my X. I eventually realized that my EX leaving……opened a space for New EXcitement needed to create the rest of my amazing Life. Haha, see what I did there. Yeah, not too bright, but I tried. Anyway I highly recommend you stick to Program 1. It’s truly my main recommendation.

Program 1:

NO CONTACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELETE!!!! GOODBYE!!! NO WAY!!! NO HOW!!!!

You need this time to HEAL. HE DOESNT GET ANY HEAD SPACE!!!!!! NO NO NO!!!!

Seriously, delete him from Social Networking, Cell phone, Email. You will be so happy his name doesnt keep appearing. And the LAST thing you need is an UPDATE on him! Good god.

HEAL YOURSELF. LOVE YOURSELF. In doing that, you are healing the whole situation in time.


THE RIGHT ONE IS COMING, or maybe Mr. Wonderful is right in front of your face now, so make sure you let go of douchebag, so you can let the Sunshine and Love back into your life!!!!