Phone Calls From Jason

I don’t know how many of you use Facebook that are reading this. I did back when I was with my man. And we had that whole “relationship status” thingy going on. We were in each other profile pictures. Tagged , and “liked” and “you guys are the cutest couple ever!” The whole shabang. Well, when X dumped me, I changed my status immediately. I couldn’t bear to look at “The Lie” on Facebook. Anyway, as SOON as I changed my status, I deleted the post that said I changed it. I didn’t want ANY comments from ANYONE!!! Well in that TWO SECONDS it was up there, my good friend out of state – Jason – saw it! Just the crazy chance in a million. And he called me IMMEDIATELY.

Thus began a series of phone calls from my great friend and confidant Jason, that has learned a thing or 2 about love and unrequited love along the road of life. He has been my absolute life line and I thank the Universe everyday that he was there for me.

I would like to start a page adding tid-bits of Brilliance that he passed along to me, that helped me dramatically. Maybe it will help you? From a Guy’s perspective….

Here are some Gems of Wisdom he Gave me:

1. Look at how the relationship STARTED. It will tell you everything you need to know about WHY IT ENDED.

2. Give it Time, Time, Time, Time, Time, Time, Time……….EVERYTHING, especially HIM, will look different to you.

3. Become MISSING IN ACTION. Don’t call, don’t text, don’t email, don’t show up at his place, don’t ask about him. ITS ALL ABOUT being Missing In Action – ton concentrate on YOUR healing, and to make him realize – OK, you got what you wanted.

4. Realize that a guy will fight for you if he wants you. If he’s not fighting for you, sorry to say, he doesn’t want you.

5. EVERYTHING is magnified to you right now. You think….If he calls – THEN HE WANTS YOU BACK AND WILL PROCLAIM HIS UNDYING LOVE. If he slights you in a small way, THE WORLD IS ENDING AND YOU BAWL and BAWL BECAUSE HE HAS DESTROYED YOUR SOUL from his REJECTION. Well, just know, that everything is over dramatic right now, and take all your feelings with a grain of salt when it comes (to this bozo).

6. WRITE!! Write in your journal, write music, write poetry, draw, create – WHATEVER – be creative and GET YOUR FEELINGS OUT TO YOURSELF. NOT TO HIM.


8. NEVER Stalk , Chase, Plead or Beg. NEVER. He Is NOT WORTH IT. AND You Will Look Like an IDIOT.

9. Be cool and go out standing strong – disappear into the Sunset. Be the Beautiful Princess that Got Away….not the Psycho that stalked and was issued a restraining order.

10. If you follow these rules…I guarantee you, someday…..he’s gonna wonder WTF….seriously. And he’s gonna feel like a douche. And you will be well on your way to a BETTER LIFE with a man that ACTUALLY DESERVES YOU and YOUR LOVE & ALL YOU HAVE TO OFFER 😉

11. You will meet people in your life, that you never thought you would meet. Doors will open that you never thought possible. You’re WHOLE WORLD will open up. Hold on tight, sista.

12. If he wants you back, it is most likely OUT OF CONFUSION. BE CAREFUL. Remember Point #1. Don’t be an extra in his movie called I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT, EVEN THOUGH I SAY I WANT YOU.

13. He may very well WANT YOU BACK when you are finally moving on, and maybe dating someone else. Again, BE CAREFUL to not fall into his chaos. He will leave again, as long as new dude is out of the picture.

14. Do you remember the day you pleaded with him, that you would do whatever it took, to work on things? And he didn’t care? YOU WILL ONE DAY SAY, THANK YOU FOR DUMPING ME. THANK YOU!!!!! Life with you long term WOULD HAVE SUCKED BALLZ!

You Go Girl…Listen to Jason…

**note to Jason, my friend – i love you – you know i do 😉 look, your advice may affect 1000’s of women across the world right at this very moment…thanks for taking the time to share these points with me, they helped me from making a total ass of myself.