Healthy Revenge – Look Smokin’

So your Ex broke your heart. I’ve been there more than you know. I wanted to jump off my balcony when my Ex dumped me! Of course, one my best friend’s talked me down. (I can’t believe I was ever at that point, sad.) But I have BEEN THERE. We are Soul-Sisters in pain.

Even though there isn’t much you can do about him right now, you CAN do something about YOU. I have many healthy Revenge Tools & Weapons in my arsenal of getting over my Ex.

One of them is—-> Get Your Sexy On and Look HOT!

Just because your Ex made you feel like crap, there is NO reason whatsoever to buy into that LIE. Have some fun with this revenge tool.

Here are some suggestions for you:

* Go out and get your “Hair Did.” Is there a new style, cut, color you’ve been wanting? Make an appointment at your favorite salon. It will do you a world of good. You’ll get a nice shampoo, some pampering, and feel great about yourself.

*Change up your wardrobe. Including new accessories, jewelry, purse, shoes. Fun Stuff! Don’t go into debt, by all means, but do some self pampering and be your own fashion model. 🙂

*Get a Make-Up Make Over. Throw away all the crusty junky makeup you have laying around. Try some new colors, new brands, ways of doing your eyes. Once again–have fun!

*Stop pigging out. You may feel like eating crap all day long, but in the end, that is only going to delay your healing progress, and diminish your confidence. You need to trust in yourself, that YOU WILL take care of your health as well as heal your broken heart. So Get on a HEALTHY FOOD PLAN that works for you. I feel eating well during this time is crucial to your recovery time. The diet that worked EXTREMELY well for me was this:

1. No added Sugar (except some fruit & stevia)
2. Not Much Grain except healthy whole grain / brown rice
3. Unprocessed, preferably organic foods.
4. Raw veggies, etc..for enzymes.
5. Countered with steamed veggies for digestion.
6. Omega 3 fatty foods, like nuts, fish, seeds, flax, olive oil, coconut oil. Eat Guac too, mmmm.
7. Get your Protein – many healthy sources!!
8. Low to No Caffeine. Don’t overdo coffee.
9. Fresh Water and Herbal / Medicinal Teas=Yes. Alcohol…..well, not so much. Sure it takes away the pain, but then you wake up with more.
10. Multivitamin – Supplements

You have to do what is right for you, and please consult your doctor. But there might be even ONE thing on the list above, that you can incorporate into your life. All these things help brain chemistry. And if you are extremely adventurous, consider a detox program.

*REPEAT—->Drink lots of filtered WATER & decaf green tea with lemon. Your skin will thank you.

*Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! Go outside for a hard walk, and possibly turn it into a jog. If you used to be runner, work back up to that again! Get some DVD’s from the library like yoga, pilates, hip-hop dance moves. YouTube videos! WHATEVER! Geesh, go roller skating! I actually did that shortly after my Ex dumped me, and it really made me smile.  Get your heart pumping, sweat, move.  Your chemicals of “love” have been turned OFF, for the time being; so create A NEW CHEMICAL REACTION through exercise!!

Anyway, those are some tips for you. Hopefully you will try out some of these ideas, and really nurture that beautiful woman you are. You will feel a whole lot better inside, and the by-product will be you will look HOT. 😉

p.s. Here is an update I wanted to put out there. Remember, the right man will make you feel beautiful and hot – no matter what your “size”. The wrong man, will make you feel like you can never be pretty enough, never have a hot enough body. Hold Out for the man that makes you feel gorgeous. Not because of how you look on the outside, but because HE SEES the fabulous human being soul spirit you are on the inside.  He sees the whole marvelous package of you! But all this “looking hot” is mostly for you and your self confidence. Icing on the cake, to an already valuable gorgeous you. You are gorgeous because you know your true worth. Priceless.