Eraser Technique

Here is an exercise to help you GET OVER YOUR EX.

This is a technique particularly effective in the morning. I used to often wake up in the morning, after having dreams about my Ex. The feelings were quite strong, but I was still in a dream like state, because I had just woken up. This is a good time to re-train your brain.

This is what I developed : The Eraser Technique —>

It is very simple. Just take in a deep breath, and close your eyes. Picture the NAME of your Ex written in pencil on a white sheet of paper. So in my case, I picture the word – JOE – written on the white paper in my mind’s eye. Then I take a pencil with a big eraser, that I have created in my mind. I then proceeded to erase each letter of my EX’S name . “J” then “O” then “E”……… until I could see no name in my imagination. They I “blew” away the eraser remnants. This is a very powerful technique when you are in this dream like state in the morning.

It FEELS good symbolically to erase the name….the name that brings you pain.

It’s a reminder of this —> People that hurt us, have LOST the right, to get to hang out in our heart and brain. Get out! Buh-Bye! Doesn’t mean I wish him harm…it just means I don’t want to harm myself anymore!

Cheers To You Today and Hope You Get Some Peace and Your Inner Smile Back!
~Justine 🙂


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