Don’t Know WHY He Left?

Maybe you still love your ex-boyfriend. Maybe you have NO idea what really happened, and why he left you. You may have vague idea, or some reasons he may or may not have given. But you could be at a total loss for answers. In fact, your whole life feels like LOSS right now, deep in your heart. I know how your chest can just burn for love for someone.

However, maybe that love you feel, is actually PAIN? Maybe that “love” is your bleeding heart. And HE is the one that made it bleed.

This will be hard, but you will have to work through your feelings here, and think very rationally. If he disappeared, left you, broke up with you without warning or answers – was this REALLY LOVE? Do you think LOVE does this to a person? People in love have rough spots all the time, but do they just up and leave with very little communication? That is not LOVE. That is a coward. Or TOTALLY the WRONG MATCH for YOUR BIG HEART.

You need to get to the point, where you realize you can’t chase him. Your love won’t bring him back. You need to take that love in your heart, turn it towards yourself and bring YOU back. The point is—>this guy really, really hurt you, didn’t he? Left you very vulnerable. Is that really love? To exploit vulnerability? I think not.

Be careful with contact. As this can bring up too many memories, of what you thought was true. You need to heal right now. And get yourself back. You need to find a way to have less feelings for him. This is difficult I know, but when you stop holding onto HOPE for this person that hurt you, it might start to get easier. When you still love someone, and they hurt you – it is incredibly confusing. But you will have to realize one day what he did, how he did it, how he misled you to believe certain things about your future. I’m sure those words / emails he sent in the past might be haunting you. You really believed them at the time. Whether or not, he meant them at the time, I do not know. Each situation is different. But the point is…he is gone now.

But you never know what the future may hold. The point is to BE STRONG right now, and NOT beg for any answers. Don’t be the psycho Ex. Be the mysterious Ex that is carrying on without him.

While it is time to take care of you right now, I can understand how this question
—> “WHY did he leave?” might be haunting you. There are many “Get Your Ex Back Programs” on the Internet. I learned a heck of alot from quite a few of these programs – such as no-contact, building your own life, “only let him so you smile- never cry”, etc. I think it is good to educate yourself. I certainly felt alot more peace of mind when I understood the mind of a man more. It does NOT mean that you necessarily want them back though, or that you are going to try to get him back. This is for making sense of what might have happened. And in the end…YOUR needs might not have been met the way you really need them to have been met anyway.

I have decided it is not the purpose of this website to promote any of these Get Your Ex Back programs. You can search for them if you want, if you feel it may help you. I just want you to GET OVER HIM, so no matter WHAT happens in the future with him, you will have your STRENGTH & POWER back. Regardless!