Get “Into” Your SELF – The Journaling Key & More

Sometimes it feels an impossible feat to “get over your ex.” There are so many emotions swirling around in your heart. Your thoughts are going a million miles a second. You might be having heated conversations in the car with him {of course, he is NOT there. You are talking to yourself outloud!} It seems like all your time and energy is being bombarded with FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS about HIM.

It’s hard to know what to do to stop the madness.

What is important at this stage, is to be GENTLE with yourself. You aren’t the only one in the world going through this mental and emotional insanity. It’s happening everywhere. Right at this very second, in thousands of women’s minds and hearts throughout the world.

I know you’ve heard all this before, but it’s REALLY IMPORTANT…

Use this time to really GET INTO YOURSELF. Journaling is a wonderful place to start. Just start writing ANYTHING to get out YOUR FEELINGS in a safe, non-judgmental way. Perhaps create are, draw, paint, whatever you have to do. Or write music / poetry, if you are so inclined. Just get it out of your body….

But beyond that, it is time to FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AGAIN. Alot of your time and energy has been spent on another person, not you. Instead of pining over Mr. Gone….{in one way or another}….Why dont you spend time with the person that is HERE, and has ALWAYS been HERE? You.

I know in the beginning, this isn’t too much consolation. You are probably saying, “Yeah, I know Im here, blah, blah, blah…but I have so much pain about Him!”

Here’s the thing – you have to trust me on this one – Long ago, before HE ever came into your life was YOU. You were perfectly fine WITHOUT him, and pretty content. Sure you were looking for love, or open to it perhaps, or maybe not. I dont know. But I do know one thing for sure – BEFORE YOU MET HIM, YOUR WORLD DID NOT – I REPEAT – DID NOT – REVOLVE AROUND HIM! There is a YOU in there, strong and perfectly capable of living without him. It doesnt mean there isnt pain to process, but it DOES mean its TIME to rediscover who YOU ARE AGAIN.

Here are some things you can concentrate on – baby steps- if you have to:
{these may or may not apply to you.}

1. Take a look at your finances. Get to know who you are financially. What can you get in order? What’s a mess? What needs to be taken care of? Whats your budget like? How can you earn more income if needed? How about that business you were trying to get going?

2. Take a look at your DIET. What do you eat daily? Are you eating whats best for you? Do you have any addictions to caffiene, sugar, processed junk food, alcohol? What can you be eating – intuitively – that will make you healthier?

3. Are you exercising? Do you stretch out your body? What are your favorite ways to move your body – running, aerobics, yoga? Do you have any exercise DVD’s you can pop into the DVD player and start using again? Do you have a gym membership, or would you like to have one? Do you ever go on nature walks outside?

4. What is your home like? Is it cluttered or messy? Are there things you can THROW AWAY or GIVE AWAY? There is SO MUCH HEALING POWER in simplifying your life – your “things”. You don’t need them. Especially if they are in storage, or crammed in a closet or drawer or in piles. You will find what you ABSOLUTELY need in there. And you can save it. But most of it – just get rid of it. What do you want your dream home / apartment / room to look like? Can you start creating it?

5. What friends have gone by the wayside that you would like to re-connect with? Can you arrange a Coffee Catch-Up date with an old friend? Can you send a physical card to good friend that is helping you through this time? Having more interactions WITH OTHER PEOPLE, besides your ex, will help you re-establish normal human interaction again, without so much pain.

6. Have you ever considered Life Coaching – to see what things in life you would like to pursue? Ask around – check out the Internet for Life Coaches in your area?

These are just some ideas off the top of my head. But what is important for you to know is that in time…you WILL WAKE UP. So start the process now.

The only Man that truly deserves head and heart space – is one that is WILLING and ABLE to work things out with you in a kind-hearted respectful manner, through thick and thin – and loves you unconditionally, and is not leaving. If the Man in your head is not doing that – you don’t owe him ANY HEAD or HEART space at all. That Head and Heart space needs to go to you, and to your future. He’s not worth it. At least not right now. OK???????????

Breathe Deep…..I know this is hard! But you will Overcome this obsession and pain – and you will TRANSFORM if you hang in there…….